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    The Tuki Learning tower in a practical test



    Sarah is a qualified, holistic nutritionist and mother. On her Instagram profile @NATURALLY_SARAH she shares suggestions and tips about a healthy diet and experiences as the mom of her son Noah. 


    Sarah from @NATURALLY_SARAH signed up for the Tuki Learning tower decided. The learning tower is an incredible everyday aid for young parents at home. We wanted to know how the learning tower works in practice.

    Dear Sarah, why did you decide to buy a learning tower? 

    Like many toddlers, my son Noah is extremely curious and wants to be there anytime, anywhere. Every mother knows that cooking with a baby in her arms is extremely exhausting and the constant pulling on the pant legs can be very tiring in the long run. Thanks to the learning tower, he now has everything at a glance and can even help me in the kitchen.

    What made you choose for the learning tower of Tuki to decide? 

    The Tuki convinced me with its great design. I've discovered a few learning towers online over time, but none have been as inconspicuous and practical as this one Tuki.

    You have decided on the model in nature, what do you particularly like about it? 

    This model goes wonderfully with our interior and Noah's great things High chair by Leandermade of the same wood.

    Where is he doing Tuki Learning tower making life as a mother easier? 

    Definitely when I'm cooking or while I'm tidying up the kitchen - Noah loves to stand on his tower, play with the tap, have a snack and have an overview.


    Can you tell us your favorite recipe that Noah can now contribute to? 

    I prefer to make a green smoothie with him. He loves to turn the blender on and off and steal pieces of fruit in the process. My current favorite recipe:

    • 1 handful of spinach
    • 2 frozen bananas
    • 1 tsp spirulina
    • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
    • 1 date
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 passion fruit
    • 1 piece of ginger


    At what age would you recommend other parents to buy a learning tower? 

    From about one year, when the child can stand independently and stably.

    Are there any other essential everyday supports you can recommend to new parents? 

    Noah is now old by discovering climbing. A Wood Pickler Triangle is a great addition in this case. And books - these are indispensable for us at the moment. His absolute favorite book is any book that contains either animals or vehicles.

    Thank you dear Sarah for your tips!


    Children want to discover the world on their own. But they are denied the most exciting places in everyday life, in the kitchen - the sink, work surface or the view from the window - for a long time. Thanks to the learning tower from Tuki Discovery will finally be easier - and safer for children and their parents. 

    At the kitchen counter for stirring, seasoning or baking cupcakes - at the dining table while doing handicrafts or at the washbasin while brushing your teeth or sinking the Schiffli - there are (almost) no limits to your imagination. Your darling can now work with you at eye level and watch.

    Thanks to the height adjustability, toddlers can from one to four years of age participate in daily life at eye level with adults Getting on and off independently promotes independence. Struts on all four sides secure your darling from falling down. Tedious one-handed housework is finally over. Thanks to sliders on the baseboards, the learning tower can be moved from Tuki simply move to other rooms - and can be used in the whole apartment.

    The Tuki Lernturm is in close cooperation with the renowned Swiss designer Stefan Westmeyer, and the young entrepreneurs Simon and Dominic. The work of the designer is characterized by innovation, high functionality and aesthetic design. These are also the principles governing the Tuki Give the learning tower its appearance. The "Tuki", made of solid beech wood from sustainable forest management, is available in two beautiful designs: Whitewash & Nature.