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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Frieda Hodel's new children's room



Frieda Hodel @FRIEDAHODEL is a beauty, health & lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, influencer and 1st Swiss Bachelorette - she is also the mother of two girls. She has been successfully running her own company "FH Health & Lifestyle" since 2013 and pampers everyone with personal beauty treatments in picturesque Valais. She is not only an expert in the field, she lives the lifestyle - her body is her capital.



Frieda and her family moved into a new house and we were allowed to redesign and decorate Zuria, Frieda's daughter's room, and take you on a tour here. Let yourself be inspired.



When Frieda Hodel was planning to move to her new home, she came up to us and wanted to design her new children's room with us. A new bed for Zuria was to play a central role, serving as a sleeping place, resting place and reading corner. We created a mood board for the children's room with suitable products for them. 

When designing the new children's room from Zuria, we used simple, natural tones. The room was with Farrow & Ball Estate emulsion "Elephants Breath" painted, a rich medium gray with a slight hint of magenta, which appears almost purple in cool, west-facing rooms. The environmentally friendly, water-based paints from Farrow & Ball are perfect for the nursery. We chose delicate pink and earth tones for the decoration and accessories. These fine colors leave more space for what is important. The furniture - among other things, the heart, the Sofa bed from Oliver Furniture from the Wood collection, were kept in clean white and oak. The Wood Original sofa bed has a nice touch from the 50s and pure, simple and clear lines. During the day, the sofa bed with lots of blankets and pillows can easily be used as a comfortable sofa or reading area. It is a perfect furnishing solution for a smaller child's room.

The beautiful Tidy Books Children's bookshelf in white fpromotes the Joy der Kinder an Books in a very special way: The child-friendly design shows the entire book cover - Zuria can choose the books independently. This bookshelf thus complies with the principles of Montessori philosophy and allows the children more independence. 

With various light sources, the room becomes a cozy retreat. The Mr. Maria Miffy lamp in XL in the shape of a rabbit, the highlight in every children's room, provides enough light and accompanies Zuria to sleep.


You can easily recreate Zuria's nursery, here go to the products from the nursery.



Zuria's children's room is already in use. We wanted to know from Frieda how the children's room was created and how it is received by Zuria.

Dear Frieda, you moved into your new home and redesigned Zuria's children's room. How is Zuria enjoying her new realm?

Zuria loves her new little kingdom! We also involved her in certain decision-making processes, for example she was allowed to have a say in the decoration and colors. I think it is important to show children from an early age that they can contribute their own opinion and thus help shape their everyday lives. This promotes creativity, independence and self-confidence.


What was important to you when setting up the new children's room?

It was important to us that Zuria has a room in which she feels comfortable to sleep but also when she wants to play or be creative. We wanted to design her little oasis with warm and calm colors - so that she will always fondly remember her childhood.

You guys went for a single bed from Oliver Furniture from the Wood Collection, what convinced you?

We have chosen for Oliver Furniture Wood Collection bed because it is modular and expandable. We have chosen a large drawer under the bed so that all your stuffed animals and things are well looked after. And if it is a little bigger, we turn the bed into a loft bed so that it can be under the bed set up a cozy corner can. In this way we can use the space in the room ideally and visibly increase the feeling of space.


Do you want to furnish your child's room and are you still looking for ideas? We will design a nice concept for you and create your dream children's room together with you. We help you to find suitable furniture, wall paint and accessories and create a mood board for you with specific product suggestions. What's waiting for you: 

  • Furnishing suggestion for a children's room or for a children's room corner
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