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    Engel Chimes


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    Beautiful Chimes from Fabelab.

    • Brass carillon for the Advent season 
    • With the sweet ones Fabelab-Christmas characters
    • Fabelab Christmas collection, a bizarre world full of adorable creatures and nostalgic elements
    • Item: 2006238372


    This year has Fabelab his very own, popular and nostalgic Engels bells designed! With the sweet ones Fabelab- Christmas characters Yeti, Reindeer and Buddy Bob spread this Engels bells create a wonderful and adventurous Christmas mood.

    The Fabelab Christmas collection is of magical adventures in the land of Fabelab inspired. Let your imagination wander through the enchanted forest, where you can smell the scent of Christmas and meet the lovable character Bob the Bear. All his friends are invited to the warm and cozy gingerbread house, where it always smells of freshly baked cookies. There are Christmas stockings for everyone and even the Yeti has come to take part. Well hidden in the magic forest, between trees that feel huge, we dive into a bizarre world full of lovable creatures and nostalgic elements. Giant candy canes and drums take us back to a childhood full of memories of the magic of Christmas. Folded hearts, a beloved Scandinavian tradition, and mistletoe spread love among guests. This year's Christmas collection consists of traditional products with a playful twist and a sophisticated color palette. Golden details and new, bizarre snow globes give Christmas a special shine. All Fabelab-Themes and colors can be combined as desired. Many warm tones from nature, inspired by gingerbread houses and cookies, form the basis of this year's collection. 

    • Material: brass