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Sebra Canopy Midnight Green


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This gorgeous and stylish Canopy of Sebra creates the perfect place to sleep, relax, cuddle, read or play. 

  • canopy Made of high quality cotton with a muslin texture.
  • Color: Midnight Green
  • 30 grade washable
  • 100% cotton, metal bracket
  • Diameter 52 cm
  • Length 240 cm
  • The product is GOTS certified


Beautiful canopy made of high quality cotton with a muslin texture. Here in the color Midnight Green, which goes particularly well with the Nightfall collection by Sebra fits - a collection that revolves around everything that happens after dark.
The product is GOTS certified - your guarantee that it is an ecological and high quality product. 

The canopy was designed in Denmark and can be placed over the bed to create a cozy and fairytale atmosphere around the sleeping environment. But it can also serve as a cozy sky over a cozy corner or as a cave in the play area.
The beautiful fabric is attached to a metal bracket with a cross on which, for example, a mobile or a dream catcher can be hung. The fabric can be easily removed from the metal hanger and washed. Thanks to a tape at the top of the bed canopy, it can be easily hung on a fixed hook on the ceiling.

  • length: 240 cm 
  • Ø 52 cm
  • Equipment:  100% cotton, organic - GOTS certified
  • Metal bracket 


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