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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Engel Baby wool fleece mittens sand melange

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The cuddly soft Wool fleece mittens for babies from Engel.

  • Mittens made of warm merino wool
  • Made in Germany
  • Wool is dirt-repellent and regenerates itself through ventilation
  • You should wash and rinse woolen laundry very carefully in the wool cycle of your washing machine or by hand in lukewarm water, do not wring or rub, otherwise it will become matted
  • GOTS certified


Who doesn't love it to be cuddly and soft in the cold season. This classic out Virgin wool from Engel is guaranteed to become your new favorite, because it keeps your baby warm in all weathers. 

These feather-light ones Wool fleece mittens are perfect for the little ones. Thanks to the lanolin content of the wool, the mittens are also dirt and water repellent. Wide, ribbed cuffs that can be turned up ensure a secure fit Baby gloves are not lost, they are also on a tape connected to each other and can thus be pulled into the jacket sleeves.

  • Material: 100% merino virgin wool
  • Measurements: 17,5 cm (length with cuffs) or 10 cm (length without cuffs)
Wool fleece: Organic fleece made from pure merino wool is perfect for delicate baby skin. The fluffy undercoat comes from sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry and is obtained without mulesing. It warms without heat build-up, can absorb a lot of moisture without becoming clammy, and regulates the body temperature of the little ones in a natural way.