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Hvid Knit cocoon terracotta


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Beautiful fine knit Cocoon from Merino of Hvid from Belgium.

  • Color: Terracotta
  • Made in Belgium
  • Care instructions: Please note the Washing and care instructions
  • Without seams
  • 100% softest merino wool
  • The cocoon grows with your baby
  • Multifunctional use
  • Creates a secure atmosphere like in the womb


Wrap your baby in cuddly soft merino wool. The Cocoon from the Belgian brand Hvid keeps your child comfortably warm and also looks sweet as sugar.

The cocoon mimics the womb - it keeps your baby calm by creating a warm and confined space like in the womb. Practice has shown that babies calm down when they are in the cocoon. Babies are tightly enclosed in the womb for 9 months - this cocoon made of the softest merino wool gives them the same feeling. It is a gentle form of swaddling - the baby can still move and is cozy and warm. The Cocoon grows with your baby. If the baby is still small, the knot can be tied higher and will move down as the baby grows. 

The Cocoon can be used multifunctionally: During the day for supervised naps, in the stroller to calm your baby down or when he / she has cramps.
Evenings when your baby can't rest. Simply to cuddle, while breastfeeding, for a walk so that the blanket does not get lost or even after a nice bath. 
Merino wool does not itch, is antibacterial and therefore ideal for children with eczema or sensitive skin.

Attention: this is not a sleeping bag, only use it under supervision.

  • Equipment: 100% extra fine Italian merino wool
  • Size: 0-8 months
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