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    Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs
    Play bed shop / loft bed


    Delivery time is about 2-6 weeks

    Lying height
    Clip-on shelf
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    The great play bed from Isle of Dogs becomes a shop with a few accessories. You can play immediately after getting up. 
    The cute awning can be easily attached to the play bed area, both on the head and on the side. There are no limits to the imagination: an ice cream parlor in summer and a greengrocer in winter. A practical plug-in shelf (three pieces form a complete rear wall) can be attached so that there is space for all types of vegetables or ice cream. You don't even need screws for that. 
    In addition, even more storage space can be created with a storage box - available in white and red. The white storage boxes are also available hand-painted.
    Due to the details such as the awning, the plug-in shelves, the storage board and the storage box - the play bed offers countless play options for the little ones. Thanks to the timelessly beautiful design and the durable and high-quality materials, young people like to keep the bed as a sofa bed in their room later.

    Product information

    • Play bed shop including awning 
    • suitable for children from approx. 6 years
    • Wood: 100% solid and certified beech wood. Wood declaration: FSC certified beech wood, origin Slovenia (Link to determine the scientific names of the wood species)
    • Lacquer: the wood is provided with a high-quality white lacquer. This certified varnish is also suitable for allergy sufferers. All paints are very low-odor and comply with EU standard 71.3, which means they are free of soluble heavy metals, they are sweat and saliva-proof and suitable for children's toys.
    • Sleeping height: The play bed is available in two different sleeping heights. low 120 cm, high 145cm
    • Mattress size: 90 x 200 cm 

    without canopy: 
    normal version: L.209 x W.99 x H.145 cm, sleeping height: 120 cm
    high version: L.209 x W.99 x H.170 cm, sleeping height: 145 cm

    with canopy: 
    normal version: L.209 x W.99 x H.200 cm, sleeping height: 120 cm
    high version: L.209 x W.99 x H.225 cm, sleeping height: 145 cm


    Optional accessories


    The delivery time for products from Isle of Dogs, if these are not in stock, is in der  Rule 4-6 weeks. Price without accessories, mattresses and textiles.