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Kids Concept Workbench natural / multi


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This Workbench from Kids Concept is the ultimate toy for children who love to build.

  • the ultimate gift for children who love to build
  • Workbench with accessories (39 pieces)
  • Made of natural wood and painted by hand
  • Size: L 55 x W 36 x H 80 cm
  • Worktop height: 50,5 cm
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years


This workbench is the ultimate toy for kids who love to build. It contains three nails, nine screws and nuts that can be screwed or hammered into the workbench itself or into one of the eight construction panels supplied. There is also a hammer, screwdriver, hand saw, wrench and even a circular saw for the really big projects. And don't forget, when everything is ready, you can clamp your creation and smooth it perfectly with a sandpaper holder and one of the two supplied pieces of sandpaper (with Velcro fastener). The workbench also has clever drawers and hooks to keep all your tools in place.

  • Dimensions: L 55 x W 36 x H 80 cm
  • Water-based paint
  • Material: plywood / beech / birch
  • Tool table with circular saw: linden plywood
  • Drawers, building board, hand saw, wrench: linden plywood
  • Screwdriver, sandpaper holder, nail, screw, nut: birch
  • Hammer: birch, beech
  • Sandpaper: nylon


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