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Liewood Silicone Children's Doctor Set 'Lennart' Blue Multi Mix


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Great Doctor set "Lennart" made of silicone from Liewood.

  • Color: Blue Multi Mix
  • Included in the set  Stethoscope, hammer, thermometer, drug pack, syringe and tube with removable cover
  • Delivered in a carrying case
  • CE-marked


Little doctors watch out.With the Doctor set "Lennart" from Silicone Sealant of Liewood your patients are in good hands and will get well again quickly. The set includes a Stethoscope, hammer, thermometer, pack of pills, syringe and tube with removable lid. The syringe has moving parts and the containers can be pressed onto the medication pack

  • Material: 100% silicone
  • Mass Stethoscope: W 15 cm, L 41.5 cm
  • Mass Hose: D 3 cm, H 8.5 cm
  • Dimensions syringe: W 4 cm, L 9.5 cm
  • Mass Thermometer: W 24 cm, L 10.5 cm, D 9.3 cm
  • Dimensions hammer: W 0.5 cm, L 14.3 cm, D 2 cm
  • Dimensions of pill pack: W 4.6 cm, L 8.5 cm, D 0.7 cm
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