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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Liewood Beach shape game 'Jorn' Peppermint Multi Mix

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With this great Beach puzzle "Jorn" from Liewood Nothing stands in the way of the perfect day outside.

  • The beach shape game for fun outside
  • The set contains: bucket, lid and various molds
  • Bucket works with a lid as a shape insertion game

      The beautiful beach set with Buckets, mold lids and molds from Liewood for children is made of polypropylene and wheat straw. The bucket is the "Donny" bucket from Liewood, but here with a lid as Shapes game serves. The Animal molds can be filled with sand or inserted into the correct shape cutouts in the lid. This means that nothing stands in the way of spending the day outside on the sand and you are kept busy. The animal shapes have holes so that water can drain away. Of course, you can also play the shape sticking game indoors. With his for Liewood typical colors is the Beach puzzle set An eye-catcher in the children's room, as well as outside in the sandpit or on the beach.

      • Material: polypropylene and wheat straw
      • Bucket: Ø 16 x H 16 cm
      • Lid: Ø 16 x H 3.3 cm
      • Cat: H 3.6 x L 4 x W 4.4 cm 
      • Mr Bear: H 3.6x L 4 x W 5.1 cm 
      • Rabbit: H 3.6 x L 4 x W 4.3 cm 
      • Cloud: H 3.6 x L 3.3 x W 5.9 cm