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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Lorena Canals Cotton rug 'Bloom' Washable Natural

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Size: 120x160 inch
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The soft, washable one Floormats in an elegant plain style with pretty tassels Lorena Canals.

  • With small tassels on the corners
  • 2 contrasting color lines on the edges
  • Rows of different pile heights
  • Rugcycling - gives cotton scraps a second life


This natural colored cotton carpet from Lorena Canals consists of a base fabric RugCycled yarns and undyed natural yarn. He combines rows with different pile heights and is on the edges with two contrasting color lines decorated, followed by a fine embroidery line on the bare linen. There are at the corners of the carpet pretty little tassels.

Cotton carpets from Lorena Canals are very easy to use Washing machine washable, which makes them perfect for baby and children's rooms, as dirt often arises there. The soft surface makes the carpet ideal for playing, cuddling and running around. 

RugCycled® - the upcycling carpet collection. Waste or leftovers left over from making the carpets are given a second life to create new carpets. The rugs are stylish and sustainable and help protect our planet.

  • Material: 97% cotton, 3% other fibers
  • Base: RugCycled textile fibers

Please note the Washing and care instructions

The Cotton carpets from Lorena Canals are made of high quality 100% natural cotton made in India. You will do this using a special technique knotted by hand, so that the highest possible Quality is guaranteed. With the support of the Vincente Ferrer Foundation, it is ensured that no child labor takes place in these factories. In addition, you stand up for doing working conditions .