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Moonboon spring for hammock white

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The Moonboon cradle spring is intended for use with the Moonboon cradle. The coil spring is also compatible with the Moonboon cradle motor.

  • The spring can be used for newborns and toddlers from 3 to 12 kg
  • Make sure that the suspension you use for the cradle and coil spring does not have any openings
  • Always check that all snap hooks are properly closed
  • Never use the coil spring without a seat belt
  • Never leave your child in the cradle unsupervised

    Very few people know that there is an actual difference between the cradle springs. But that's exactly how it is. Moonboon has made a special spring that allows even newborns to weigh softly. The spring is equipped with a safety loop that allows optimal and safe use.

    • Metal & cotton
    • Item number: 10040
    • Moonboon spring without cradle (Cradle available separately)
    • 1 x spring with safety belt and swivel carabiner
    • 1 x plastic part
    • 1 x cotton cover 
    • Instructions for use for spring
    Moonboon manufactures furnishings and accessories from aesthetic, organic and sustainable materials for babies and children. Moonboon are the only ones on the market to develop ecological spring cradles with mattresses made from kapok fibers. Environment and sustainability are two major concerns at Moonboon. For this reason, only organic materials are used for all products, including the spring cradle. The mattress of the cradle is filled with the ecological and hypoallergenic kapok as a filling material.
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