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Moonboon door frame bracket white

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The Door frame bracket from Moonboon simplifies the attachment of the spring cradle.

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • The door frame on which the frame bracket is mounted must be a maximum of 25 cm wide
  • A maximum of 15 kg may be hung from the door frame bracket

    The door clip is used when the spring cradle is to be hung, but drill holes in the ceiling or in the frame are undesirable. The clamp is easy to assemble, has a low weight and is particularly space-saving. This makes it easy to take the practical door clip with you on vacation or when visiting family.

    If you want to use the door clip with cradle and motor, you need to have at least 220 cm of space from the top of the door frame to the floor.

    • Metal
    • Painted white
    Moonboon manufactures furnishings and accessories from aesthetic, organic and sustainable materials for babies and children. Moonboon are the only ones on the market to develop ecological spring cradles with mattresses made from kapok fibers. Environment and sustainability are two major concerns at Moonboon. For this reason, only organic materials are used for all products, including the spring cradle. The mattress of the cradle is filled with the ecological and hypoallergenic kapok as a filling material.
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