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    LUX stroller


    Delivery time is about 2-4 weeks

    Baby basket / carrying nest
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    Lux stroller - the future begins now!

    The Naturkind Lux stroller is the stroller of tomorrow, because it combines natural materials with the highest standards of design, style and functionality. The model is characterized by excellent driving behavior with the best suspension properties on all surfaces. It is easy to use, comfortable and durable, and most important of all: It offers an optimal and safe environment for your baby without harmful substances right from the start.

    • Aluminum frame: 8.2 kg
    • Sports car attachment: 5.8 kg
    • Lying surface: 93 cm x 33 cm
    • Suspension: adjustable rear suspension (spiral suspension) front fork with shock absorber suspension 
    • Frame color: anthracite
    • Steering bar adjustable from 69 cm to 112 cm
    • Basket: plastic basket max.load 3 kg
    • Cleaning: All fabric parts (roof parts, seat) can be washed with a 30 degree wool program
    • EN-Norm 1888 approved up to max. 22 kg body weight 

    Natural materials obtained sustainably and carefully processed:

    cotton fabrics come at Naturkind in high-quality, organic quality for use - from the raw material to the finished pram cover. For this purpose, fabrics are woven and dyed in Austria.

    Cork ErgonomiShearly shaped cork offers safe and excellent seating comfort.

    Organic virgin sheep's wool is the perfect filling material. The breathable natural fiber provides excellent warmth and is air-permeable at the same time. This prevents heat build-up and creates an optimal room climate in the stroller.

    Coconut mattress  It offers optimal support for the healthy development of the spine and sensitive baby bones. The coconut mattress is an integral part of everyone Naturkind-Baby stroller.

    The Naturkind LUX stroller can be put together individually.

    The wheels are available in 2 versions:

    • Standard tires / PE wheels: lightweight PR air chamber wheels
    • Comfort plus SOFT tires: Bike with very smooth running and excellent damping and suspension properties, which are comparable to those of the pneumatic wheel. Puncture safety and maintenance-free (no air control, no flat tires)

    Carrying nest and baby basket

    The need for sleep and rest is great in the first months of life. Baby bones are soft and the spine is already a sensitive area that deserves great attention.
    The best possible mattress should therefore be a matter of course, both in the cot and in the stroller. Your baby will sleep more calmly and deeply when it feels completely secure. Nowhere will it feel as comfortable as in your arms, but Naturkind With its cozy carrying nest or the stable baby basket made of high-quality and natural materials, it provides ideal protection and a feeling of security and security!

    The carrying nest - light and flexible

    • Transforms the stroller into a stroller (for babies up to approx. 6 months)
    • Very light - only 1,9 kg
    • Can later be used as a summer footmuff for up to 2,5 years
    • Can be retrofitted with a fur insert
    • With integrated belt slots
    • Completely washable at 30 degrees
    • Dimensions 78 cm x 38 cm
    • Internal surface 73 cm x 33 cm

    The baby basket - robust and stable

    • Very spacious baby basket for carrying with a fixed frame
    • Can be easily and securely attached to the chassis
    • Removable and washable inner cover
    • Can be folded flat (space-saving)
    • Two secret compartments
    • Rocking function on the floor
    • Coconut latex mattress for a comfortable sleep
    • Cork handle on the hood, roof can be adjusted silently several times
    • Dimensions 81 cm x 44 cm
    • Internal surface 78 cm x 34 cm

    The suspension of the front fork should be oiled regularly, otherwise unpleasant squeaking noises will arise! Please also inform your customers about the stroller. To oil, spray some oil inside the steering fork suspension: