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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Oliver Furniture Original Mattress & Lounger Beds 90 x 200 cm Wood Collection

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This is the Mattress in 90 x 200 cm from Oliver Furniture, These rounded mattress fits perfectly into that Oliver Furniture Wood original or Lounger.

  • Mass: W 90 x L 200 x H 13 cm
  • The mattress core consists of Oeko-Tex-certified European HR cold foam
  • The cover is made of GOTS-certified organic herringbone cotton, quilted with a layer of Oeko-Tex-certified recycled PET
  • breathable and hypoallergenic
  • meets the European fire protection standards
  • The removable cover is machine washable


The average night's sleep for children is around 12 hours, during which they process the many impressions and experiences of the day. A cold foam mattress gives the little body every opportunity to recover and strengthen yourself for a new day full of new adventures.

The mattress has no sleeping zones, as is the case with many adult mattresses. Sleeping zones provide specific support for certain parts of the body, but since children typically sleep like a helicopter and twist and turn many times during the night, sleeping zones are not necessary.

Little one Children are not yet very good at regulating their own body temperature. The Open-pored cold foam allows air to circulate through the mattress core, wicks away moisture and helps the child to regulate their body temperature.

It is very difficult for dust and dirt to settle in the mattress. The washable cover also ensures a high level of hygiene and is suitable for allergy sufferers

The cover is made from GOTS-certified organic herringbone cotton, quilted with a Layer of Oeko-Tex certified recycled PET fibers. The top is on the inside with equipped with a waterproof layer of Oeko-Tex certified cotton laminated with TPU film (thermoplastic polyurethane). is. A label indicates the waterproof side. 

The removable cover is machine washable (max. 40 °). One can also only wash the upper part of the two-part cover, as it has a zipper that makes it easier to take off and cover. 

The mattress is made in Europe and complies with European safety standards and norms. The mattress has been tested according to the safety standard EN 16890 and in accordance with the fire protection standards EN 71-2 and BS7177.

This product is excluded from the right of withdrawal in accordance with Section 8.2 Clause 1 of the General Terms and Conditions.

  • Cover: GOTS-certified organic herringbone cotton, quilted with a layer of Oeko-Tex-certified recycled PET
  • Core: Oeko-Tex certified European HR cold foam
  • Dimensions W 90 x L 200 x H 13 cm
  • Item number: 041867
  • 1 x Oliver Furniture Mattress 90 x 200 cm
  • Total 13 kg | 1 box | 0,21 m3 
  • Box 1: 13 kg | L 203 cm x W 92 cm x H 14 cm | Contents: 1 x mattress

Oliver Furniture stands for sustainable children's furniture in Scandinavian design. The baby and children's beds are all convertible and designed in such a way that they grow with your child and accompany your family for generations. All furniture from Oliver Furniture are produced fairly and sustainably in Europe from FSC-certified wood and pollutant-free materials. Let yourself be drawn to the beautiful, Danish design of Oliver Furniture inspire for your child's room.