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Sebra Junior & Grow bed white

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The Sebra Bed - Junior & Grow is a successor to the Sebra Bettes - Baby & Jr. and this is a new pull-out bed created for the growing family.

The bed can be used as a junior bed and, as the child grows, it can be pulled out to the standard size of a single bed, depending on the child's developmental stage. The Sebra Bed - Junior & Grow is therefore the ideal substitute for that Sebra Bed - Baby & Jr.

Driving & riding bits

  • Material: beech wood
  • Length 165 cm
  • Width 90 cm
  • Height 68 cm
  • Extension length 204 cm


  • 100% cotton, poly foam, wool, Oeko-Tex
  • Length: 165 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Extension length / extension piece: 35 x 90 x 12

Moving to a new and bigger bed can be a challenge for some children. One of the basic ideas behind the unique design of the bed is therefore also the desire to make the transition from Baby & Jr. to Junior & Grow bed easier for the child.

Side parts (support board) for the bed are available separately. Sebra Interior owns the rights to the copyrighted design classic Juno bed.

The delivery time for products from Sebra, if these are not in stock, isin theRule 2 to 4 weeks.

The price for Furniture supplies and assembly are excluded from the shipping fee. We will be happy to contact you after you have placed your order to make you an offer for the delivery and possible installation. 
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