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Sebra Felt mobile Nightfall

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Hand crocheted baby mobile with figures made of organic cotton from the Nightfall collection by Sebra. 

  • Suitable for hanging on the ceiling or mobile holder
  • simple and stylish design
  • Every product is unique and the look can vary
  • 100% wool, wooden ring
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The hare Moonlight, the deer Twilight, the wolf Moon and the owl Nova as well as the moon, a star and two clouds. All four animals hang at a slight angle so that the baby mobile is not only decorative, but the child can actually see the animals. This mobile has a simple and stylish design that will suit most baby and children's rooms. The mobile creates an almost magical atmosphere above the baby bed, the cradle or the changing table. The rocking motifs from the Nightfall collection attract the child's attention, stimulate the senses and have a calming effect. The parts are connected with a thin cord and attached to a light-colored wooden ring. Hang the mobile directly on a hook on the ceiling or on the metal ring SebraBed canopy. You can combine this mobile perfectly with other Nightfall products.

Heads-up:  This mobile is designed exclusively to be hung on the ceiling or on a mobile holder. This is not a toy and must therefore be placed out of the reach of the standing child.

  • Equipment: 100% wool, wooden ring
  • Organic polyester filling, recycled
  • Wooden ring
  • Dimensions: H 27 cm D 22 cm

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