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Sebra Nest 'Nightfall' Burgundy Red

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Soft, quilted Crib Sheets of Sebra.

  • Quilted bed bumper 
  • has a beautiful and exclusive structure
  • Easy to attach to the cot with straps
  • Care instructions: 30 degrees gentle cycle
  • Suitable for baby cot in standard size 60 x 120 cm
  • Checked and tested for breathability
  • Color: Burgundy Red


The Sebra Bed bumper fits the Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., is also suitable for a cot in the standard size of 60 x 120 cm. If the bed bumper is too long for the bed, the ends can overlap, making it adaptable to a smaller bed. The bed bumper may only be used when the bottom of the cot is raised in the top position.

The laces must be tied with a knot on the outside of the cot and adjusted. For safety reasons, don't make a loop. The bed bumper must be attached with tied knots. If the laces on the underside of the bed bumper are not used, they must be cut off completely so that the baby cannot come into contact with them. Functional cords must not be cut as there is a risk of fraying.

Stop using the bed bumper if there are the first signs of damage.
Age recommendation: 0–6 months

Please note:Make sure the laces are securely attached to the bed.

  • Equipment: 100% cotton
  • Lining: recycled polyester
  • Dimensions: L 360 x W 1 x H 26 cm
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