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Solvej Swings Baby and children's swing Slate Gray

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The Solvej Swings Baby and child swing is the ideal swing for your growing child.

  • From approx. 6 months to approx. 6 years or max. 40 kg
  • Can be easily used in the Indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be done in a few moments by simply removing the leg divider can be converted from a baby swing to a children's swing
  • Conversion from a baby swing to a toddler swing can be done in a few simple steps
  • Children from approx. 3 years can use the children's swing themselves
  • The swing is approx. 40 cm from the ground
  • The toddler should be one Body height of at least 100 cm so that it can get on and off independently and does not hit the ground when swinging
  • The height of the swing can also be adjusted very easily, which is a huge advantage, especially for siblings of different ages
  • The ropes of the swing stretch a little over time - if the swing is too high for your toddler, parents can stretch the ropes by swinging themselves for a while
  • Do not start rocking your baby until his / her neck is not strong enough (around 6 months), always support your baby well with a pillow or something similar until it grows into the swing, please note that a small baby Always swing carefully and use the seat belt
  • Care instructions: The seat cover should be cleaned and rinsed regularly with natural soap (water temperature not over 38 ° C), do not use detergent, do not iron, let air dry, bIf the wood is used intensively outdoors, it should be oiled occasionally so that it retains its color
  • Color: Slate Gray

The Solvej Swings Baby and child swing from New Zealand is one Well thought-out, safe and durable swing for children from approx. 6 months (as soon as they can sit independently), up to approx. 6 years (or 40 kg).

The special thing about the Solvej swing is that by simply removing the leg divider it can be turned into converted from a baby swing to a children's swing in a few moments can be. By the timeless design, the subtle color and the high quality materials is the durable swing one right good investment for many years.

The children's swing is for that Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, because the seat is made of a stable, durable and weatherproof synthetic canvas. The ropes are double braided cords, which are also used for sailing, and the four poles used are made of solid wood. The swing is closed on the sides and back, has a seat belt and a removable fabric web on the front to prevent the baby and toddler from slipping forward.

The swing is attached to the supplied carabiners and eye bolts (suitable for attachment to wooden surfaces) with a maximum distance of 50cm. Since the seat is still relatively spacious for a baby at the beginning, it is recommended to put a pillow or blanket in the seat as required to make the child more comfortable. The swing can up to a height of 2.4 m can be hung up without extension parts. The seat height for the Toddler mode is then approx. 40 cm from the ground. The ropes of the swing stretch Regular use, which means that the seat is lowered over time. If the seat is still too high for the toddler at the beginning, the parents can accelerate the stretching process by sitting on the swing for a while.

The Conversion from a baby swing to a toddler swing succeeds in a few simple steps. In order to give a child from approx. 3 years (at least 100cm height) the opportunity to use the swing independently, the height of the swing can be adjusted very easily. The bridge between the legs is secured with Velcro and snaps and can be folded down as required and locked on the underside of the swing, or vice versa. Once the bridge has been removed, the front wooden pole can be used for easier entry and exit be lifted upwards.

Swinging is not only a lot of fun, it also relaxes and calms you down and at the same time promotes the physical and mental health of your child. This beautiful, timeless children's swing was designed by Thomas and Jenny, a Swedish-New Zealand couple, in 1993 for their daughter Solvej. To this day, they attach great importance to a high quality standard in the production of their swings, without neglecting the idea of ​​sustainability. 

  • Dimensions seat: 26 x 26 cm, depth: 28 cm
  • Wooden rods length: 37 cm
  • Ceiling height: up to a maximum of 2.40 m
  • Seat: 100% acrylic, synthetic outdoor canvas
  • Wood, FSC 100 certification or VLO certification, metal parts made of stainless steel, polyester sailing rope
  • Swing (seat, ropes, wooden bars)
  • Carabiners, eyebolts for attachment to wooden surfaces
    You can find eye bolts for fastening to concrete surfaces in your hardware store (at pay attention to the corresponding load capacity) or alternatively the Attachment for Lillagunga Swings should be used. 

The Solvej Swings Baby and child swing by Thomas & Jenny, a Swedish-New Zealand couple, is a well thought-out, safe and high-quality swing in a timeless design for children from approx. 6 months to approx. 6 years. The Solvej swing can be converted from a baby swing to a children's swing in a few simple steps and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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