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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Toddlekind Playmat 'Tulum' Stone

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play rugs from Toddlekind are not only practical, but also modern in design. The colors are subtle and timeless. The soft floor surface is ideal for your child as soon as they practice their first turns and, above all, sitting. It not only protects your child from cold feet, but also from injuries when they fall over and later while running around. In addition, they are not only suitable for crawling and playing, but also serve as a comfortable surface for yoga and sports. The mats are made from high quality, non-toxic EVA foamwho the Security requirements in Europe and the USA. The 1.2 cm thick is perfect - for the little crawling friends to play with and gentle on your knees. The foam is wipeable, saving many hours in the laundry room. You can design the tiles according to your taste and with the different designs of Toddlekind create endless looks. The mats are durable andnd are suitable for all stages of your child's development 0+ months

Do you want your Expand play mat or one larger area have? Then you can simply replace it with a new one Toddlekind Extend the mat or buy several mats at the same time. 

We cannot completely rule out minimal color differences between individual products in the same category.

Playmats size options: 

  1. 1 play mat (6 puzzle pieces per 60 x 60 cm and 12 borders) -> Standard size: 120 x 180 cm
  2. 2 playmats (12 puzzle pieces per 60 x 60 cm and 24 borders) -> Large: 180 x 240 cm
  3. 3 playmats (18 puzzle pieces per 60 x 60 cm and 36 borders) -> extra Large: 180 x 360 cm
  4. 4 playmats (24 puzzle pieces per 60 x 60 cm and 48 borders) -> Playroom: 240 x 360 cm
  • Material: Pollutant-free, high-quality EVA foam surface (certified according to EN71 / CE)
  • Dimensions: 120 x 180 x 1,2 cm

* Foam is a soft material and perfection is not always possible. For this reason there may be deviations in the lines. (up to a millimeter) If greater accuracy is to be achieved, the material must be harder and therefore unsuitable for babies.