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Holiday May 1st: Our shops are closed today.

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Wobbel Original balance board transparent lacquered with felt baby mouse

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The Wobbel Balance Board is the wooden toy that moves young and old. It not only offers small children the opportunity to train their balance, the grown-ups have a lot of fun too. We present this to you with lots of love Wobbel Board at MY SNOWFLAKE

With the Wobbel Board it will be a playful pleasure to practice your sense of balance and thereby develop your body awareness. This is thanks to child-friendly water-based paints and rounded edges Wobbel Board also suitable for smaller children and quickly becomes a highlight for active play in the children's room. The arch-shaped wooden toy with CE marking allows many play variants and can be used by your child as a swing, bridge or reading pad, for example.
The Balance Board has been known in Waldorf education for decades and will inspire you with its simple design and the wide range of possible uses.
Children have a natural need to move around and get to know their own bodies better.
With the Wobbel Board children won't get bored that easily because that Wobbel As a classic of Waldorf education, Board promotes creativity while playing. Placed on the floor as a swing, your child can step onto the board and train their balance. You can also do that as a small hut or bridge for cuddly toys or cars Wobbel Board can be used. The Wobbel As a high-quality wooden toy, board should not be missing in any child's room. It provides great suggestions in daily play.

It is equipped with felt for a secure stand on any surface and as protection for the floor, and it also offers the following advantages:

  • Made of high quality beech wood and felt
  • transparent lacquered
  • Refinement with child-friendly water-based paints
  • rounded edges
  • high quality with CE mark
  • made of natural material
  • many game variations for all ages
  • Resilient up to max. 200 kg
  • different colors & age-appropriate design

Size: length 90 x width 30 cm

Age: suitable from 0 years
Loadable: up to 200 kg
Material: beech wood
Please note the instructions for use supplied.
High quality balance board made of natural material

DANGER! Never leave your children unattended with the Wobbel play.

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