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Linen Collection

Nobodinoz came up with something great: theirs new lines Lin Français collection is 100% natural, 100% traceable and 100% sustainable. The beautiful linen products are made french flax manufactured and are in fine, natural tones held. 


Nobodinoz focuses in the Lin Français collection on everything a baby's heart desires. There are beautiful baby products in four natural shades: Greige, Green Blue, Off-White & Sand - that not only make everyday life with a baby easier, but also more beautiful. 


The pleasant and temperature-regulating Sleeping bags worry along with the security towelsn in animal form for a comfortable sleep. So that babies do not bump into the bed rail during their (partly) wild sleep, the beautiful ones protect Bed bumper in two different colors before a sleep break. Nobodinoz has in matching colors too wunderschöne Cushions designed in forms of stars, rectangles, leaves and Clouds transform the room into a feel-good place. 


For on the changing table there is lovely Changing cushions in four colors  and if something goes wrong, there is also matching replacement changing pad covers. with the simple multifunctional diaper bag and the beautiful linen necessaires ensure that all care products and changing utensils are in the right place when you are out and about.


Playing is extremely important even for babies. On the soft Play matn made of linen your child will be accompanied on its first attempts at crawling. In addition, the fabric's embossed leaves and butterflies stimulate your baby's senses and help him find a first connection to nature to manufacture. Playful rattle & Teething rings accompany your baby in a playful way and help during the teething period - even when you are out and about in the pram. suspended aboveThe beautiful ones take care of the baby changing area Mobiles for playful entertainment while diaper changing.


Making the elegant linen collection stays in Europe from A to Z, thus has Nobodinoz complete overview of the production process and controls all steps of creation and manufacture. The flax is harvested in northern France, then brought to the workshop in Barcelona, ​​where it is woven, refined and finished. There are no intermediaries involved. With this manufacturing chain, production remains traceable and sustainable. 


The short and local production chain guaranteed quality and a Minimizing the carbon footprint, because the French line does not use either air or sea transport. Due to the perfect knowledge of fabric finishing, it has Nobodinoz managed to turn linen into a soft and sophisticated fabric, which with OEKO-TEX Class 1 has been certified. Thus, the linen items meet the strictest requirements and limits of the product class for babies.  


Linen, also known as flax, is one natural fiber, which is obtained from the stalks of the flax plant. The stuff is reissfest and happily makes no fluff. Linen products do not pollute the environment because they become the engine of ecological conversion. The production and processing of flax requires a lot less water than other natural materials. Cotton, for comparison, consumes a hundred times the amount of water in cultivation and processing.

flax is a very frugal and undemanding plant, in terms of fertilization and care, it needs very little attention. Due to the low use of fertilizers and pesticides, soil and water pollution is avoided and their cultivation does not require any additional, artificial irrigation.
It is also positive that there is no waste when using flax - every part of the plant is processed. In addition to textiles, paper and mats, for example, are made from it. The seeds of the plant are edible and are used to make oil. Flax fibers are also biodegradable and recyclable, making them far superior to cotton or synthetic fibers. Flax cultivation leaves a very positive ecological footprint and is characterized by its high level of environmental friendliness.


Babies in particular have one sensible skin, which reacts to stimuli such as perfume, synthetic materials or scratchy textile surfaces. That's why it's at right now Changing cushions and sleeping bags important to rely on a comfortable, well-tolerated material. the natural Leine not only avoids this risk, but also brings one hypoallergenic and antibacterial Property with himself. Thanks to its ability to absorb moisture and release it again quickly, it helps on warm summer days regulate temperature. This is thanks to the high flexibility and robustness that is achieved through the processing and production of long fibres. Because the line is a hollow fiber that opens up air, it also serves as a natural insulator and is therefore a year-round must-have. 


Nobodinoz is a french and Spanish Decoration brand for young and old, founded by Murielle & Roman Bressan. The brand is characterized by its unique combination Quality, Improvement and traditional craftsmanship out. Different designs, colors and materials come together in unique products: from small ones Baby toys, Changing table accessories leads over Sleeping bags up to canopies and other decorative items for children's room furnishings. All products are designed to be passed down the generations to contribute to a better future for all. The aspect of Sustainability is not only reflected in the longevity, but is also reflected in the production site. All products will produced in Europe and expelled.